V Janak Horse Riding Show – 2019


Our  young SRGians  showcased their agility and strength  while participating in ‘V Janak Horse Riding show -2019’  which is one of the best riding club in NCR and  runs according to the Rules of the Equestrian Federation of India (EFI)

Our students  astounded everyone through their commendable performance  thereby securing:

Stick & Ball Game Senior Category
Name Class Medal
Swarnim 6th Class Gold
Aashi Drall 7th Class Sliver
Rishita Naag 6th Class Bronze
Ball in the Bucket Junior Category
Name Class Medal
Prisha 7th Class Silver
Rishita Naag 6th Class Silver
Stick & Ball Game Sub Junior Category
Name Class Medal
Anay Goel 3rd Class Silver
Pole Bending Sub Junior Category
Name Class Medal
Ryansh Makol 4th Class Bronze
Bhumi Pawar 3rd Class Bronze

It was heartening to see our young riders standing proudly wearing medals .

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