Nursery Admissions Process 2019 – 20

Nursery Admissions Process Guidlines

What's the nursery admissions process ? Where should I seek admission for my child? What is the right age for admission to a formal school?

Any child who has completed 3 years as on 31st March is eligible for admission to a formal school. There are no interviews or tests for admission like the earlier times. Schools take out their forms from end of December or starting of January till the date given by the Directorate of Education.

Nursery Admissions Process

The parents are required to collect the forms from the school, fill it and deposit it in the school by the given dates. The first list for admission is announced somewhere in the month of February. If you are lucky enough and your child gets selected, then you can pay the fee along with the completed forms, birth certificate and photographs of your child. Some schools ask for the photographs of the parents as well to make the authorization cards for security purposes. It is always advisable to carry important documents like the child’s birth certificate, adhar card of the child along with the adhar card of the parents, a fevistick, stapler, pen and writing board whenever you visit a school. The form can be filled there and then to avoid another trip to the school for form submission. Parents have different criteria when looking for a good school for their child. You can’t stick to the so-called ‘top’ schools in Delhi which are already overflowing with children.

One of the prime things to keep in mind is the infrastructure of the school. This not only encompasses the building and exterior, but parents must carefully pick out schools that provide ample grounds for sports, airy and well-ventilated classrooms, facilities and amenities – both academic and non-academic. It would be worthwhile to examine how well a school’s library is equipped, or how well the classrooms are made structure wise as well as the teaching aids they have to make learning fun.

Extracurricular activities are not only a stress buster, but rather quintessential for the healthy development of children. It would be wise to choose a school that provides the child with a plethora of games and sports activities with optimum space to carry out each, along with seeing the instructors present for these.

Academics is of course of prime importance, which is why it is nice to understand the school’s motto and their aim. A school that believes in holistic development rather than only focusing on one aspect of development should be preferred without a doubt. It is important to meet the staff and see how well versed the teachers are with their subjects, and how they intend to make learning fun. Just like a good potter can shape wet mud into a beautiful piece of art, teachers play a very crucial role in determining your child’s future. It would be good to interact with the staff, heads and the school principal to understand what the school aims to foster.

The activities which the school offers to the students should be neoteric and intellectual, but along with a tangent of fun. Seeing the school calendar and understanding how academics are balanced with activities is a nice way to understand the confluence of these two.

Security and safety of the child is a major major area of concern these days and should not only be confined to the four walls of the school. The school you choose must secure your child from the moment he/she is handed over to the teacher in the cab/bus, to being dropped back safely. CCTV cameras must be installed on the premises and parents should be able to track their children in the bus/cabs too, to ease out the distress of sending their precious angels away. Security amenities and protocols of the school must be in place and should be well noted by the parents.

Facebook, Instagram, and the school website help provide important insights into the day to day functioning of the school, the activities, special days, scholastic and non-scholastic achievements and so on. It would be good to keep a tab on these portals to understand the school better and ensure that your child settles for nothing but the best!
All in all, it is a good idea to talk to the school head or principal in order to judge the ease of communication with which a new parent’s insecurities are dealt and answered with because, in the end, each parent must be guided by their instinct for choosing the best for their kids.

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