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Are we raising strong and resilient children? Read on… by Ms. Vibha Khosla

Ankita was strolling in the park. It was a pleasant October evening. She loved to come out for her evening walks. The long walks gave her relaxation both physically and mentally. She had long days at work full of challenges and she never wanted to compromise on the needs of her family. She always carried the same zeal as a homemaker but at the same time, she was determined to take care of herself. Where did she get all the energy from?

Ankita was strolling enjoying the beauty of nature. Suddenly she saw a small girl in the park who was accompanied by her mother and nanny. There was another man who was holding a small bicycle. It was apparent that the little girl had come to cycle in the park. The nanny made her wear the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads. The mother was standing there giving polite instructions to the nanny and the driver and then the little girl was made to sit on the bicycle, the nanny held the bicycle and the driver was to be the guard. The mother stood there ensuring that all was well as the nanny tried to teach her to paddle. Extra care was taken that the child should not fall down or get dirty. It was a melodramatic scene.

The little girl was refrained from freedom to cycle in the park as per her wish. The instructions and precautions were all precariously followed. Her hands were sanitized several times. The mother was really caring and extra cautious. Seeing all this Ankita had a throwback to the memories when she was teaching her daughter how to cycle. She used to encourage her daughter to sit on the bicycle but her daughter used to be really scared that she would fall. Samaria used to hold the bicycle and run with her daughter to ensure that she was not scared to fall.

Gradually her daughter learned cycling but she still needed the reassurance so Ankita remembered how she used to run along with her to give her that reassurance. Ankita had faint memories of how she had learned cycling. Her dad had made her sit on the bicycle and told her to balance herself and ride as he gave her a gentle push. She rode for a while and then had fallen down hurting her knees. When she came crying back and annoyed, her father patted her and told her that it was ok to fall down and get up. We always learn by doing.

Ankita’s mind was thinking of the three generations and the difference in the upbringing. She could now relate to the strength and resilience within herself. Her face reflected her thoughts and a beautiful smile enlightened her face.


She has been in the field of education for more than two decades. She has worked in various prestigious institutions in different capacities, with a crystal clear vision and tremendous focus. She endeavors to invest in innovative learning with happiness induced learning. She is presently heading Shri Ram Global School, Delhi-West. Students in this institution are given ample opportunities for hands-on learning and out of the box thinking so as to emerge as leaders of tomorrow.

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